Schools and Family Learning

The Little Sports Company is committed to harnessing the power of sport to create innovative new programmes that support the development and education of young children. Later this year we hope to launch a Family Learning Programme that will enable parents to better support their child’s early learning both at home and at school.

Our Family Learning programme will provide parents and carers with a series of activities, techniques and games centred around Play and Sports that promote healthy active lifestyles and stimulate early learning. The programme will cater to families of children aged between 4 and 6 years old and will consist of eight weekly 1.5 hour workshops.

Our Family Learning Programme aims to:

Our key areas of focus are:

Programme outcomes

The intended long-term effects of The Little Sports Company’s Family Learning programme are that children will have a greater chance of achieving their potential and doing better at school as their parents will do more in the home to support their education.

We will do this by developing the skills and confidence of the parents and carers who take part in our programme and provide them with the resources needed to actively engage their children in learning in the home.

Children improve their...

  • Softer skills with regards to education and motivation to learn
  • Social and emotional skills
  • Communication skills
  • Interest in and understanding of literacy and numeracy

Parents enhance their...

  • Communication with both their child and the school
  • Understanding and empathy for their child's learning
  • Motivation to support their child's learning
  • Confidence in supporting their child's learning

Outcomes for Schools:

  • Increase in parental engagement in the school community
  • Strengthening of relationships between the school and parents
  • Positive changes within the school environment

We are actively seeking primary schools within Central Scotland who would be interested in piloting this new programme in the 2018/19 school year.