Our Programme

Our Little Monsters programme provides your little ones with six fun packed sports sessions. We incorporate numbers, colours, shapes, letters and simple words to create a stimulating learning environment that supports and enhances their early learning.

Each of our Little Monsters will learn to recognise and interact with numbers and number sequences through a programme of carefully crafted sport and play activity. Our programme aims to support early language development, build maths skills, enhance confidence and provide developing minds with a strong foundation for future learning.

All of our games are tailored to meet the needs and interests of young children, from Parachute Games to Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig challenges, our Little Monsters programme guarantees a roaring good time!

Learning Objectives


3- 5 years old

  • Recognising numbers and sequences
  • Matching quantities with numbers.
  • Using numbers to keep score
  • Introducing number words.
  • Recognising simple three letter words

P1 - P2

5 - 7 years old

  • Practising counting teen numbers 11 - 20.
  • Counting backwards
  • Using numbers to keep score and measure distances
  • Basic addition and subtraction.
  • Introducing multiples of two, five and ten.
  • Recognising numbers up to 100 (multiples of ten)
  • Recognising and understanding simple words

The above learning objectives are for guidance only, our experienced coaches will tailor activities to ensure each child is appropriately challenged and that their individual learning needs are met.

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