Our Little Monsters club provides you and your little one with six fun packed sport and play sessions that are carefully crafted to support their early education. Our programme is geared towards children aged between 3 and 7 years old and aims to support early language development, build maths skills, enhance confidence and provide developing minds with a strong foundation for future learning.

Each of our Little Monsters will learn to recognise and interact with numbers and number sequences through a series of fun games that will have them running, throwing, hopping, catching, kicking, laughing and counting.

All of our games and activities are tailored to meet the needs and interests of young children, from Parachute Games to Paw Patrol and PJ Masks challenges our Little Monsters club guarantees a roaring good time!

How does it work?

Classes run for six weeks. You bring your child along, sit down and watch them have an amazing time running around, playing and learning. At the beginning of every session your coach will give you a great job sticker which you can give to your child at any point during the session and whenever they do something that makes you proud- like trying their best, scoring a goal or demonstrating good listening skills. They love it when mummy and daddy are watching!

The children will participate in a variety of fun exercises that will have them learning new skills, working as a team and following instructions. All of our activities are number based and the children will improve improve their counting and numeracy skills. For pre-school children we also introduce simple high frequency words such as Yes and No or Cat and Dog which they will learn to recognise and add to their vocabulary.

We end each session on a high and our Paw Patrol and Sleeping Monsters games will have your little one grinning from ear to ear! Finally each child is given a take home activity worksheet, these allow your child to practice their writing skills and include colour by number, counting and join the dot activities. At the end of the six weeks we close with a prize giving and each child is given a shiny new Little Monsters medal for all their hard work.

Learning Objectives


3- 5 years old

  • Recognising numbers and learning sequences
  • Matching quantities with numbers.
  • Using numbers to keep score
  • Introducing number words.
  • Recognising simple three letter words

P1 - P2

5 - 7 years old

  • Practising counting numbers 11 - 20.
  • Counting backwards
  • Using numbers to keep score
  • Basic addition and subtraction.
  • Recognising numbers up to 100 (multiples of ten)
  • Recognising and understanding simple words

The above learning objectives are for guidance only, our experienced coaches will tailor activities to ensure each child is appropriately challenged and that their individual learning needs are met.

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